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Drug Testing in the Workplace

Who is the typical user of illegal drugs? Perhaps you think first of a homeless man or woman who spends the little money he or she has to support a drug habit. But, in fact, research indicates that 74 of all illicit drug users are employed in full-time in one study, 15.4 percent of all construction workers between the ages of eighteen and thirty-four admitted to having used illegal drugs at some in their lives. That rate is the highest of any occupation in the United States. By comparison, 9 percent transportation workers and 8.1 percent of manufacturing workers admitted to using illegal drugs.

Proponents of drug testing in the workplace use the statistics to support their position. Testing can be a crucial part of the nation's effort to solve its illegal drug problem. If we can identify those individuals who are employed and are using drugs, we will identify three quarters of the nations illicit drug users.

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